All About Organic Gourmet Coffee

For the best in full-bodied flavor, there is nothing like organic gourmet coffee. Since it is organically grown, you can be assured that what you are getting is entirely chemical free and healthy. In order to be considered premium quality, it has to follow exclusive aging and roasting processes. This assures that you are getting the best quality possible.

Farmers who want the organic label for their products must adhere to stringent standards. They can only use natural fertilizers and pest control management. This makes for natural products that are healthy and safe. The local environment, including water supply, also benefits from organic farming.

Farmers are able to make organic fertilizer by using plant pulp. Earthworms enrich the plant pulp with micro-nutrients that they produce. This type of natural fertilizer is far superior to chemical products and develop healthy plants naturally.

What makes a gourmet brand so distinct with its rich, full-bodied flavor is the entire process that the beans go through. Each step throughout the processes, from quality selection through aging, roasting and grinding, is carefully scrutinized. This ensures that you get the finest quality flavor in your drink!

A key essential is the aging process. The beans are aged for seven years for additional flavor. Another vital element is using a wood stove for roasting as opposed to a methane gas oven. Another feature is making sure that the beans are roasted and packaged immediately afterwards to ensure fresh flavor upon delivery.

The drink was the accidental discovery of a goat herder who watched his goats getting lively and frisky once they’d feasted on certain berries. After sharing his discovery with the local priests who found they could stay up later for prayers after eating the beans. It was not long before widespread cultivation was taking place in Africa.

Then it was discovered by the Arabs. They took some beans back to their country and found that they could make a flavorful drink by roasting and grinding the beans. Only the rich and powerful could own the plants and they guarded them closely.

A daring Indian managed to steal a few beans and smuggle them into India where plantations were also established. As the Europeans started colonies in Asia, they also discovered this delicious drink. Back in Europe, it was first questioned as devilish but fortunately, the Pope gave it his blessing. Soon the drink had spread throughout Europe.

There are numerous coffee growing regions throughout the world, all in the tropical zone. Beans differ in taste and flavor in each of these areas. Arabica, grown on Java, Indonesia, has a full-bodied, slightly tart taste. It is so popular that the name of the island has become slang for coffee. South American beans have a lighter, sweet taste, and those from Africa have a unique fruity taste.

There is nothing quite like organic gourmet coffee for starting the day. It gives you all the advantages of full-bodied luxury taste with none of the harmful side-effects of chemical pesticides. With today’s modern packaging and processing, it is possible to enjoy exotic blends from any area of the world.

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