Barbeque Catering Tips And Tricks

The summer is the time when people all over the world start barbeque catering. You can smell it all around. Whereas many people out there are pretty adept at using the barbeque, there are some that have no idea what do. Depending on your competence, you’ll either try and do it all yourself or you’ll hire and outside form to do the food.

One of the main factors that come into making such a decision is how many people are actually going to turn up. It could be daunting if you have to cater for hundreds of people, whereas is you have a few family members that might be something you can easily do yourself. Another thing to consider is how special the event is. A birthday party might not call for an outside caterer, whereas a wedding reception may well be a different thing entirely.

Those opting for the outside catering route should consider looking into using their favored restaurant for the food preparation. The advantages are obvious, but make sure you understand the exact types of meat they can prepare and think about whether your guests will like it.

One thing that an outside caterer can give is flexibility of service. Many will give you the option of picking the type of service you want. This can be anything from just preparing the food to a full service. This may well depend on the number of people present, because at large gatherings it might be best to have the caterer deliver the food, set it up, cook it, serve it and clean up after they’re done.

There’s no escaping the effect that money has on your options. Your budget makes a huge difference in what you feed your guests. For instance, for around $6 a head you can have meat and two sides, whereas for around $20 you might be able to give them a choice of various meats, various sides, dessert and even vegetables.

If doing the cooking yourself it’s vital to use decent equipment. The grill and smoker you choose does have an effect on the way the food turns out. Most people will use standard outdoor equipment as well as a smoker box, which gives food that smoky flavor.

If you don’t know how to look after a grill it probably won’t last too long. By seasoning it you’ll most likely preserve its lifespan. You do this by putting cooking oil on a paper towel and wiping the bars of the grill with the moist paper. This should ensure the meat does not stick. As for choosing meat, try and pick lean pork with light pink flesh and creamy white skin. Shoulders and ribs are usually best.

There’s more to barbeque catering than just choosing any old cut of meat and slapping it down on the grill. The equipment should be of good quality and the meat likewise. Make sure there are enough grills to cater for the number of guests as it cold be quite embarrassing if the grill is small and people have to wait ages to eat.

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