Check Online NADRA Watan Card Verification System

watan card verification NADRA is a federal Government department of Pakistan that is responsible for issuing id cards to the citizens of Pakistan. Employing more than 11,000 member of staff and having more than 400 domestic offices and 5 international offices, NADRA is one of the largest organizations in the country of pakistan. According to the organization itself, NADRA also holds the record for maintaining the largest biometric citizen database in the world.

See Online NADRA Watan Card Verification System by Mobile  SMS Method

for MOBILE SMS method

open “Create Message” from your mobile phone and type your ID Card no. like(1232134256543)
Send it to 9888
Reply will be received with verification.

you can also verfiy on  NADRA website through internet. for check on  Website Method click on Visit Website

Application Tracking

              Citizen Number
        (13 digits without dashes)

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