Eating At Vietnamese Restaurants in NYC

If you are looking for family friendly dining in New York, you can frequently find it in Vietnamese Restaurants. These trattorias are sometimes awfully casual and offer tasty food at cheap prices. Here are some great Vietnamese places for you to go visit in N. Y that offer some of the best Vietnamese food in the town!

Pho Viet Huong

The best Family Friendly Vietnamese restaurant in New York according to so many is Pho Viet Huong. The diner is located at 73 Mulberry Street, in New York’s Chinatown. Those with a bigger appetite will find the 7 courses of meat to be heavenly. People love the Pho (noodle soup) moms and pops report that the pho ga (noodle soup with chicken) served at this restaurant is a fave of their kids. It is available with extra noodles, so kids can share the entree.

An Choi

Another great Family Friendly Vietnamese restaurant in New York is An Choi. The trattoria is found at 85 Orchard Street, on New York’s lower east side. This diner offers fantastic meat capriccio and prawn crackers. Children will especially enjoy the smoothies, while everyone will enjoy the coconut-caramel flan. Owner Tuan Bui welcomes guests of all ages to his grounds where he offers crinkle cut pickled carrots and daikon.

Gia Lam II

Some of the best food is served at Gia Lam II in the Brooklyn suburb of NY. This family friendly vietnamese food in New York is served on hard-back booths. When dining here make efforts to try the finger friendly grilled meat rice sticks. The rice sticks come with some of the finest soft banh mi (cakes), that are likely to delight everybody at the table. The ideal meal should be accompanied by the refreshing, sweet bean ice drink. Like Pho Viet Huong, this bistro doesn't have a website.


Another place to go for family friendly Vietnamese food in New York is L’Annam in Union Square. Those with kids will enjoy the 3 meat plate featuring pork, meat and chicken. It'll easily feed more than one person, as the portions are large. This restaurant has extremely fast service, so those with antsy tiny ones will be able to eat in a rush. They do not have a domain. For the sophisticated eaterie, this diner features a surprising sesame chicken.

Sau Voi Corporation

Another smashing place to go for family friendly Vietnamese food, which is a little hard to find is Sau Voi Corporation. It is concealed away in the music store located at 101 Lafayette Street in Chinatown. Here families can enjoy listening to music while munching on some wonderful Vietnamese sandwiches. Folks will especially wish to try the sweet Vietnamese meatballs served on lovely homemade bread. This eccentric small shop features phenomenal crunchy toasted baguettes and pepper sauces.

When selecting family friendly dining in New York, be totally sure to try Vietnamese cuisine and really consider these little locations for some of the finest.

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