Essential Etiquette In Coffee Service

Houston coffee service can come in two different types, the formal and informal. Formal services are those rendered after dinner. These are also very common especially in formal events or ceremonies where guests need to be served with class. Informal services, on the other hand, are employed only during informal celebrations or gatherings such as dinners or luncheons. Regardless, however, proper etiquette must be observed when rendering the services.

Coffee is often served in different cup sizes. For espresso or strong coffee, small cups which are also known as the demitasse, shall be used. Usually, these will be served after formal dinners. Medium-sized cups or teacups are used during meals. Large cups, are often only used for informal family gatherings. They can also be used for breakfast though.

It is important that you ensure the drinks will be served with saucers. In addition, these saucers should also be accompanied by spoons right beside cup handles. Usually, these will all be set on a tray together with the sugar, cream and coffeepot.

Informal meals will require that coffee be prepared beforehand. Hostesses can opt to set trays down the table for when guests would want to fix themselves a drink after finishing their meals. They may also choose setting the trays down near their place so they can serve the guests themselves. For the latter setting though, hostesses may be the ones to put in sugar and cream into the cups upon the request of the guests. They may also first distribute all cups and then pass around the sugar and cream for the guests to do the task on their own.

There are some hostesses who prefer hiring servers who can assist them in both the preparation and distribution of drinks. Such settings usually call for the hostesses to prepare the drinks for the guests, considering their preferences on cream and sugar amount. Servers will be the ones to see through the distribution, placing the cups at the right sides of guests.

You can instruct your servers to stand by the guests with trays of coffeepots for an individual service. Upon the request of guests, servers will be mixing in both the sugar and the cream into the drinks which should be positioned at the right side of plates. In cases where a guest would want to prepare his drink himself, servers will have to remain by the left, holding sugar and cream.

During formal occasions, however, servers will be the ones put in charge for the service. They will each be assigned tables which they will be serving. In such situations, the servers will be holding several cups along with the containers for cream and sugar. They will be walking around, inquiring whether guests would want a coffee, then position themselves appropriately for the fix.

There are also times when servers will be working altogether. One will be carrying the tray containing the coffeepot, sugar and cream. The other server, on the other hand, will be the one to assist by providing cups and saucers that will further be needed.

In a two-server setting, the first server shall be offering guests the drinks. He should be the one doing the preparations, including the mixing of cream and sugar. After serving the guest, the other server shall see through the provision of a second set of cup and saucer for serving the next guest. This is usually employed in a formal type of houston coffee service.

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