Get An Orange County Chocolate Fountain For Your Next Event

Bring the elegance and merriment to your next special party or event with an Orange County chocolate fountain. You can rent a chocolate fountain for the centerpiece to a magical display that can range from whimsical to sophisticated, and it is all up to you and your creative choices. Let these tricks and tips make sure your event turns out just the way you envision it.

Location is key when setting up your fountain. It is never a good idea to put it up outdoors; too many unpredictable factors like wind, rain, or insects can mess things up. Indoors, scout out a location that protects the machine from air conditioning or other cold air sources that could harden the necessary syrupy texture. Also, try to keep it out of high risk areas like near doors or dance floors.

For the sake of safety, hide the cord or tape it down so guests will not accidentally bring it down in a disastrous spill. Melt the chocolate prior to the event and store it in airtight containers to keep it preserved during setup. Bring extra containers, supplies, and aprons to the staging area to control messes. Always test the equipment first.

The best way to be sure your machine runs like a dream through the whole event is to assign an attendant to manage it and the guests using it. Having a troubleshooter on watch will see to it that everyone fully enjoys it, and if something goes wrong, there is someone to fix it. Avoiding mishaps like getting the syrup wet and changing its consistency is key.

This fun and exciting dessert table is perfect for weddings, company parties, birthdays, and more. It is both visually stunning and functional. You can have an array of dessert options such as fruits, pretzels, graham crackers, and cakes; the list is endless. You can also get creative with the table set up, such as having three fountains set up surrounded by colorful food items.

For a special touch to your fountain, try adding a gluten-free flavoring oil like banana creme or Irish creme. You can choose a color scheme for your fountains by using white chocolate and adding colored oils. Mix and match colors, enhance flavors, do both or neither; put your special signature on your fountains.

Cleaning your machine after the event is really important. If you do not do it correctly, you can ruin the equipment. It must always be cleaned while still warm to prevent hardened syrup from burning out the motor. If it is just impossible for you to get to it right away, keep the machine in a plastic bag until you can clean it and be sure to turn it back on and warm it first.

You can hire Orange County chocolate fountain to do this all for you from start to finish, or you can follow these quick and helpful tips to rent your machine from them and make your own magic. Either way, your party will be a smash!

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