Gluten Free Camping Food: Do Not Sacrifice Your Health Even When Hiking

If you have to eat gluten free due to a food sensitivity or intolerance, you already understand how difficult it is to find easy meals and snacks so you probably never tried to find gluten free camping food to make your excursions easier. Upon discovering their food sensitivity people who were avid hikers or campers typically reduce their trips or skip them altogether due to the inconvenience of having to eat gluten free. But you should understand that this does not have to be the case.

As if cooking meals and snacks every day to accommodate gluten sensitivity is not difficult enough, it is even more difficult to plan for a hiking or camping trip using this kind of food. If you have been dealing with the sensitivity for quite some time you are probably a pro at making foods that are gluten free but they are not ones that are easy to carry for hiking. Likewise, the very same foods may require extensive cooking or may spoil before you get a chance to eat it.

Likewise, when you have to accommodate a gluten sensitivity or intolerance you are rarely able to eat pre-made snacks that most people are able to eat all of the time. Because meals and snacks that are ready to eat, or ready to bake are not usually available in gluten-free form those who suffer from the condition are typically forced to cook and bake from scratch using all gluten free ingredients, which is something that most others do not have to do.

When you are camping, however, you will not have access to your kitchen, which means that your typical method of cooking gluten free camping food will not be available. You will likely be glad to learn that there are companies that make special gluten free backpacking food that can easily be carried and prepared while you are hiking. These foods are perfect because they are generally freeze dried making them lightweight enough to carry, free of spoiling, and simple to prepare.

These gluten free camping food options generally demand some form of preparation work such as something that can be completed over a campfire. Other meals, however, require you to just add water and your meal is rapidly prepared and ready to eat. Do not fear that these foods will be tasteless either because they will typically come with a full flavor provided by sweet, savory, or zesty spices.

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