Halal Rations Available For Military Workers

If you are Muslim, or have a friend of this religion, you understand that certain foods are forbidden. This is in accordance to Islamic laws that particularly affect the consumption of meats and poultry. The laws are in effect to protect the rights of animals, because believers of the Muslim faith have respect for the animals that provide them with nourishment. It is a concern for Muslims who have government-provided meals that they will not be able to maintain their beliefs, but military workers are now given halal rations.

Muslims may not eat pork or any pork-related products, but any other meat that is permitted for their consumption must be slaughtered and prepared in a different way to the norm. Meat that can be eaten must be from an animal that is killed in such a way that little suffering was endured. Muslims may also not consume blood from any animal, which is why the slaughtered animal’s blood is drained before further food preparation techniques are applied.

Muslims may not eat pork, or pork products, or meat that is processed in machines that is used for products other than halal foods. This is because it may contain traces of substances which are not permitted to be eaten by Muslims, such as some flavorings, processing aids and alcohol. Food processed from animals that were dead may also not be eaten. They must have been killed for consumption purposes in the correct manner. Food that Muslim’s may not eat is referred to as haram.

Kosher foods are those that are made in accordance to Jewish laws, and do not necessarily fit well with a Muslim’s diet. Many kosher foods are made differently, with additives that may include wines and gelatin, which are both products deemed as unfit for Muslims. Although many believe that kosher foods are the same, they are not.

Recently, MRE products have been produced, which are rations that are provided to soldiers and other military personnel. MRE stands for Meal Ready to Eat, and consists of several items, which may include drink mixes and other snacks, besides the main meal package. The main characteristic of these food packages is that they are quick and easy to prepare.

They are usually best served warm, but can be eaten cold if necessary. Their preparation involves a few minutes in boiling water, or about half an hour’s exposure to the sun. A hot engine will do the trick as well. The meals consist of about 1,200 calories each, and therefore provides adequate nourishment for military workers who are under physical strain. No ingredients that are forbidden for Muslims are included in the meal portions.

This type of food is useful for other scenarios as well. Those on hikes or camps like them because they are light-weight and high in nutrition. They are also convenient to serve during times of natural disasters, and have a long shelf-life so they can be stored for such emergencies.

Although the meal packs are usually safe for Muslims, one should still read the packaging. They should also be stored correctly. Halal rations that have been soaked, or that have been stored in extreme humidity, may not be healthy any more. More information regarding meal packages can be found online.

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