HCG Slim Takes The Pain Out Of Dieting

The HCG diet continues to increase in popularity as people share their amazing success stories. People can expect to lose up to 25 pounds in the first four weeks of the program. The secret is a hormone that allows dieters to dramatically reduce their calorie intake without experiencing hunger, irritability or loss of energy. HCG slim has made the diet plan easy to follow and accessible to more people than ever before.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG is a hormone produced by pregnant women. It promotes the mobilization of fat from storage deposits to support the growing fetus. Fatty acids are released from cells in the woman’s hips, thighs and abdomen and burned as a source of energy.

HCG was first used as an aid to weight loss in the 1950s. The British endocrinologist Dr A. Simeons conducted a series of experiments to see whether the hormone would promote the burning of adipose fat in obese men and women. Daily injections allowed patients to quickly and easily lose weight on a calorie restricted diet. These subjects reported that they felt healthy, satisfied and energetic while taking part in the weight loss studies.

Although Simeon’s diet plan was highly effective, it originally required a doctor’s supervision due to the need for daily injections of HCG. This limited its appeal. Even if people were willing to commit to the time and expenses involved in visiting a clinic, they might be put off by a fear of needles.

HCG Slim is an easy to administer oral formula. A dose of the pleasant-tasting liquid is simply placed beneath the tongue using an eyedropper three times a day. Diet doctors have found the drops to be just as effective as the injected hormone. The ingredients include natural botanical extracts to enhance overall health and well being during rapid weight loss. The formula is not diluted with water and does not contain alcohol.

During the main weight loss phase of the diet plan, the energy required for normal daily activity is derived from excess body fat. Because fatty acids are constantly circulating in the blood, hunger signals are inhibited. While the body is converting its stored calories into fuel, its requirements for food calories are greatly reduced. Food is eaten mainly for the vital nutrients it contains.

The balanced diet devised by Dr Simeon allows for a total of only 500 calories a day. It consists of fresh, unprocessed foods cooked without the use of fat. Lunch and dinner each contain a serving of lean protein such as chicken breast, steak or fish accompanied by a non-starchy vegetable. A portion of fruit and a few crackers can be eaten along with each meal or as snack.

With HCG Slim, it’s relatively easy to follow the HCG diet plan at home. A number of websites feature HCG diet recipes, tips and advice. Online communities and social networks offer support. Many popular books have been published about the diet and Dr Simeon’s original manuscript is available to download as a free eBook.

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