How To Choose A Good Chest Freezer – Tips & Tricks The Pros Know

It is essential to have a clear shopping plan when preparing to buy an expensive product, such as a chest freezer. You will need to keep in mind factors such as size, energy usage and capacity of the freezer as well as other things to ensure that you find the right chest freezer.

The Noise Factor

If you plan on keeping your freezer in or near the living area how noisy it is should play a role in you decision making. Look for a freezer that is quiet to avoid the irritation of tons of background noise constantly in your home or work area. Find a quiet model can be an important part in you satisfaction level with your final choice.

The Location Element

Where will the freezer’s home be? Knowing exactly how much floor space you have to accommodate the appliance, as well as the temperature of the room or area in which it will be kept is an important part of the decision. Measure the area available to avoid being stuck with a model that is too big for the space intended. Most freezers have specific instructions about the temperature of the rooms in which they are housed, be sure to pay attention to that information to avoid nasty shocks.

Blackout Effectiveness

Living in areas that are subjected to frequent losses of power or natural disasters will mean that you also need to know long your freezer can preserve your food without actually running. Read through the manufacturers instructions as well as other customer online reviews as their black out experiences with the freezer will usually very different to what is claimed by the producer.

Maintenance & Defrosting

Most chest freezers for sale available today are self-defrosting, but this isn’t always the case with chest freezers. Manually defrosting freezers have less consistent temperatures throughout the appliance, with temperatures varying as much as 19 degrees in some cases.

On the flip side, freezers requiring manual defrost are usually quieter and more energy efficient than auto defrosting ones. However, it takes quite a bit of time to manual defrost a freezer so make sure you decide which feature is more important to you.

Temperature & Food Safety

Making sure that your food remains clean and rotten-free is the core role of the chest freezer so be sure to buy ones that are within a certain temperature level of your desire. Despite most freezers being able to maintain temperatures of under zero degrees Fahrenheit, most upright versions will have less consistent temperatures in the upper shelves and doors. This is something you should bear in mind as well.

Looking to buy a new freezer can be difficult at first, but by preparing well beforehand and researching the features of a freezer best suited for you, you will be able to find a freezer that is cheap, efficient and will last for many years to come.

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