How To Cut A Pineapple

There’s nothing beats fresh pineapple. Of course, you could chew on some processed, luscious bits, but it’s just not the same. The only issue is: when you buy a fresh pineapple, you’re not exactly sure how to deal with it. Maybe you’re not sure if it’s ripe, or maybe you’re undecided how you can cut it. But, before you could make the first slice, you’ll have to check how ripe it is. People wouldn’t want to spend all that work cutting up an unripe pineapple.

Cutting the Pineapple

As soon as you’re positive the pineapple is able to be sliced and chowed, it’s time for you to collect a cutting board and a hefty knife. Pineapples aren’t lightweights and it may be a bit of a battle to saw through one with a tiny blade.

Top and Bottom:

To start with, cut off the top and the bottom of the pineapple. Cut-off a very good inch from each end and after that let the pineapple to stand right upright.


At this point, slice off the rough exterior of the pineapple. You don’t have to cut-off too much, but enough to get the majority of the shell off. There’ll be little pits of dark skin left over, but no need to cut off extra flesh to have them off.

Leftover Eyes:

There’s two main tips to get the small pits out. One of many ways is to use a potato peeler. You may scoop out the pits using the end of the peeler to preserve as much of the flesh as possible. The second way is simply by using a knife. If you look at the pattern of the pits, you will see they’re placed diagonally up the pineapple. Utilize the knife to cut something of a trench in which the pits fall into line, making a line spinning up the pineapple.

Slices or Chunks:

Once you have a big hunk of pineapple flesh, it’s time for you to cut it into suitable pieces. You could cut it into pieces or chunks, whichever you fancy most. If you decide to cut it into chunks, chop the pineapple into fourths lengthwise; this will make it simpler for you to cut out the core.


Sometimes, the core will probably be soft enough to consume, but this is often not the case. If you should cut the pineapple into slices, simply cut out the circular core in the midst of each slice. If you want to cut the pineapple into chunks and have already cut the flesh into lengthwise fourths, then just cut off the portion of core on each fourth. Then you’re able to chop each section into bits and, if you can’t resist, pop several into your mouth. Ripe pineapples can be hard to recognize and tougher to prepare to eat. All the same, a juicy, ripe pineapple can’t compare to those processed chunks in your pantry. All that work and clutter will be totally worth it when you slip a piece into your mouth.

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