Introducing the coolest cocktail bar in central London

“Call me what you like, only give me some vodka.” says a popular Russian proverb. You can imagine him, can’t you; fluffy ushanka, rich voice, throaty accent? Conventional connotations of the word ‘vodka’. So, imagine my surprise when I discovered that we have our very own British vodka, and a prize winner to boot! It turns out that the lush farms of Hereford are responsible for more than just elite bovines. A potato farm there uses its own perfect produce to create prestigious vodka. Pure genius!

Chase vodka is named after the mastermind who was brave enough to move from selling potatoes to creating world class vodka: William Chase (also the brains behind those Tyrrells crisps which we all love!) This award winning vodka is renowned for its creamy mashed potato overtones with buttery flavours and unusual hints of black pepper and smoky almond. All of this in one shot!

William Chase has travelled worldwide to gain enough know-how to confidently coin his own vodka. He is vehement that the old ways are the best ways and has developed a traditional hand-made batch pot on his copper still. This prevents the alcohol being completely stripped from the fermented potatoes. A scrupulous, time-consuming distilling process results in smooth, silky vodka brimming with intoxicating flavours. Great kudos to all entrepreneurs of this calibre: I cannot praise Chase’s ideas or his product enough: why not visit the website or buy a bottle of Chase to decide for yourself?

Using your newly bought vodka, how about creating one of the most exotic cocktails on the market right now? The Cocktail of the Month at the Chase Distillery combines smoked vodka with Vermouth and a whirl of lemon to make the beautifully named Smoke on the Water Martini. Or try the amazing combination of vodka, pomegranate syrup, Red vermouth, basil and cherries to make a Crimson Twilight. A Cucumber Passion is a cool, smooth delight which blends vodka with passion fruit syrup, lemonade, lime and cucumber pieces. And, if you are feeling intrepid why not fuse your vodka with mojito syrup, lime juice, lychee syrup, tabasco sauce and salt: a creation known as a Chilli Lychee to the connoisseurs amongst us.

If you prefer your cocktails to be mixed and poured for you then you really should consider heading on down to Home House of Portman Square. On Sundays The Bison Bar is the place to be for cocktails with a wide selection of the tropical delights. Pop down for a classic Mai Tai or simply choose a tasty treat from the extensive menu and relax.

If you like the sound of those cocktails in The Bison Bar, Home House might be the ideal London private private members club for you. With a range of beautiful bedrooms, restaurants, bars and drawing rooms, Home House is the private members club of choice for people from all walks of life, who enjoy unique private events like private Cocktail evenings in The Bison Bar every night.

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