Is Bee Pollen Energy Myth Or Fact

Some experts say that claims made for bee pollen energy and nutritional value are unfounded. However, the same experts confirm that this natural food is packed with minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and other beneficial nutrients, all of which provide energy and increased well-being when ingested. Even Olympic trainers believe in the value of supplementing the diet with this product of the beehive.

Composed of pollen from thousands of blossoms that the bees mix with nectar and saliva, this natural product is over a third protein, vital for larvae who will rapidly grow into adult bees. The honeybee is noted for never-ceasing activity, so it needs a good start in life more than most creatures. Bee pollen is one of nature’s super foods.

Just as eggs are packed with nutrition for developing chicks, bee pollen is designed to enable the fast-growing young bees develop into workers, nurse bees, drones, and even queens. The bees carry this flower dust home on the hairs on their legs. Some of it comes off on each blossom the insect visits, carrying out the process of pollination.

It is believed by some that the longevity of certain rural populations throughout the world is fostered by the thrifty habit of beekeepers of ingesting the ‘dirty honey’ at the bottom of the hive – honey that is not suitable for sale to customers who want the clear amber sweetener. This honey is not full of bee waste but of valuable pollen, and thus contains more nutrients than regular honey.

Individuals with a high need for B vitamins, living enzymes, and any of the many vitamins or minerals that bee pollen provides might notice a significant surge of energy or increased well-being after supplementing with this super food. Like eggs, it is designed to sustain rapidly changing young and therefore contains all nutrients needed for growth and development. Others may not notice such a difference but will still reap the rewards of adding nutrients that are hard to find elsewhere.

Processing of any food can render it less nutritious. It is important to make sure that the product you pay good money for has not been damaged by high heat or chemicals used during production. If bee pollen is properly prepared, it will retain its living enzymes, fragile vitamins, and full complement of minerals.

Testing has shown bees fed on raw honey do well, while those fed only the heat-treated, commercial kind actually die of nutritional deficiencies. Pollen is also a living food and one that is preserved naturally – in fact, ancient stores of this avian product have been found that still retain food value. Modern processing can destroy some or all of the goodness, but there are companies who know how to avoid this problem.

There is a good case for believing that bee pollen energy is a fact, not a myth. If you are looking for an endurance enhancer or just want to feel your best, you should check out this super food. A good quality product can add a lot to your physical and mental performance and your health.

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