Lose Up To A Pound A Day With An HCG Texas Weight Loss Consultant

The HCG diet is becoming increasingly popular in Texas. The revolutionary program uses hormone therapy to allow overweight people to stick to a calorie-restricted, low-fat diet without ever feeling hungry. Dieters can expect to lose between half a pound and a pound a day. HCG Texas weight loss consultants supervise individuals on the program to ensure that they quickly reach their ideal weight without any risk to their overall health.

The hormone known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG is produced by women during pregnancy. It releases fat stored in deposits on the thighs, hips and abdomen so that it can be utilized as fuel. This fat mobilization ensures that the growing fetus has a constant energy supply.

The first experiments in using Human Chorionic Gonadotropin as an aid to weight loss were conducted in the 1950s by the British endocrinologist Dr Albert Simeons. He injected the hormone into obese patients of both sexes and put them on a very low calorie diet. The results were amazing. The patients dropped pounds quickly with no adverse side effects. They lost only excess fat, not lean muscle tissue. Even more incredibly, they did not experience hunger pains, low energy or irritability.

These days, even people who cringe at the thought of daily injections can reap the benefits of HCG. Weight loss consultants now supply patients with the hormone in a new oral solution. A few drops of the formula are placed under the tongue twice a day. It acts to release fat from problem areas while simultaneously reducing appetite.

The diet is easy to begin with. On the first two days of hormone treatment, people are encouraged to load up on all their favorite foods. After that, they are only allowed 500 calories a day. While the hormone is active, excess fat is converted into energy that can be used to support normal daily activities. The constant source of available fuel inhibits hunger signals and greatly reduces the body’s food requirements.

In the rapid weight loss stage of the diet, lunch and dinner consist of a portion of lean beef, chicken or fish, a fruit, a vegetable and a crisp bread. The choice of foods is limited as are the cooking methods. Dishes can be made more interesting by combining allowable foods and making use of herbs, spices and seasoning. A typical dinner would be chicken salad with spinach, orange slices and croutons sprinkled with vinegar.

With low calorie consumption and a high rate of fat burning, people can expect to lose about a pound a day. One interesting aspect of the diet is that it is self-limiting. The appetite suppressing effects of HCG only work when the body has significant amounts of excess fat. When a dieter achieves a normal weight, their appetite will return, even if they continue to take the hormone.

HCG Texas weight loss consultants assist their patients to quickly and safely lose pounds and inches and to maintain their healthy weight afterwards. In addition to supplying the hormone, they often recommend supplements to ensure proper nutrition while dieting. They provide motivation, support and advice to help clients reach their goals.

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