Measures To Help You Cut California Wedding Catering Cost

Weddings are normally expensive occasions, but you can make it cheap if you mean to. By cutting costs in a clever way, your guests will not feel that they attended a very cheap wedding. The technique involves making small changes that have real significance. California wedding catering is just one element of the occasion, so it does not need to take all the money.

Reception is where the guests are entertained after the church service. Here too is where they will be entertained on all sorts of foods and drinks. If you make the reception fantastic, you are bound to succeed. Strive to ensure that your invited guests are impressed by offering great tasty food as well as those of high quality. The following are some of the things you should consider when cutting cost.

One way of saving money is by catering your own food. If it happens that you have some of your friends or relatives who have fantastic culinary skills, then you have to take advantage of that fact. Family and friends are always willing to help in whatever way they can. This way, you do not have to pay for caterers. Make a point to remember to acknowledge their efforts at the time of speeches.

When you have decided to hire a caterer, it is advisable to go for an independent company and not the venue where you are due to have the reception. If you choose the reception venue to be your caterer as well, you will have to choose food from their menu. This is not only expensive but also limits your choice in terms of what you want for your guests.

Drinks and beverages are areas where most people waste money on. You do not have to pay for the drinks at a bar for your visitors so that they drink themselves silly. An alternative is to place a few glasses, 3 or 4, at each table for the guests. This way, your guests have a choice of red or white wine. You can also do without the champagne and instead ask the guests to top up their drinks by using their favorite drinks.

Holding individual picnic basket for each family or couples is another great way to save. You can have a midmorning picnic by the banks of a lake that has a lot of shade. Have the plates, nice wine bottle, crockery, juice and also food. Muffins, fruit skewers, and cheese are great for breakfast. Use soft grass under big trees to ensconce your guests.

Another great idea is to hold a wedding that is country-themed. Theme is not just matching invitations and favor to the theme. Choose the type of food that matches the theme. Also, choose the personality that matches the theme, which can make the process of theme choice a very interesting one.

With people barely making ends meet, this is no time to spend lavishly on California wedding catering. The key is to save on ever thing you can imagine of. The foods department is certainly one opportunity for you to save. You need to remember that there is life after the occasion.

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