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Phonotonic Gadgets

Phonotonic Gadgets

Phonotonic, how does it work?

Phonotonic is a Gadgets. It’s a wearable (the sensor) and an app (the mind) that flip all of your strikes into music in actual time. The sensor communicates with the Phonotonic app by way of Bluetooth and measures each motion utilizing inertial sensors. The app then transforms these date into music in actual time.

Customers can select any of the tracks featured within the app. The rhythm and Melody are pushed immediately by the actions of the person. Behind the magic lie machine studying algorithms specifically developed by Phonotonic to ship real- time evaluation of musical and morphological information.

How To Join A Phonotonic

one Activate your bluetooth
two Join your sensor
three Select your music
four Take pleasure in !

Sensible Design

You’ll be able to take away the sensor from the phonotonic object and put it all over the place. It lets you develop your usages: sports activities, leisure, social gathering…

Highly effective App

Accessible on iOS and Android, our software is the mind of our dispositive. The app permits you to stay an immersive expertise for every tracks. All of them belong to totally different musical types like electro, rock, jazz, funk…and extra!

One other sensor for wonderful battles

When you connect the second sensor of gadget into your app. Melody and rhythm are splitted on two music of phonotonic gadget. You possibly can manage battles with your loved ones and buddies!

Video About Phonotonic

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