The Heat Of Bhut Jolokia Sauce

Sauces are very important ingredients on the table and in the kitchen. People rely on their sauces to make their food more flavorful. It is great for cooking all sorts of food and as an accompaniment for sandwiches, pizza, burger, and fried dishes. These days, you can already find all sorts of sauces. For those that love anything spicy, the bhut jolokia sauce is one that is highly recommended.

Also known as ghost chili pepper, the bhut jolokia is the king of peppers when it comes to hotness. The pepper is very hot that the fumes coming from it can cause burns. The heat it contains make it a popular sauce among food lovers and cooks that love anything that has a zing. These days, a lot of manufacturers have tried using the chili to create a product that their customers would definitely like.

A few of these companies are not limited to manufacturing products that are sold to the public. Some of them can also produce private label sauces. It is a special service where in one may request for their own sauces to be placed inside a bottle that they designed themselves. These are usually used as gifts and giveaways.

It is also possible for people to just create their own sauce especially if they love cooking very much. This is commonly done in a lot of restaurants and in so many homes. Many dining establishments are known for having signature sauces. Making sauces from scratch allows you to use any ingredient you like.

To make bhut jolokia sauces, common sense will tell you that you need to get yourself some ghost chili peppers. The number of peppers needed depends on how much heat you can tolerate. There are various ingredients that you can also use like garlic, cumin, cloves, onion, chives, vinegar, and sugar.

Before you will start making this hot condiment, you should do the necessary safety precautions first. Always remember that these peppers are so hot that they can cause burns when not handled properly. For safety purposes, wear protective gear like gloves, goggles, and long sleeved clothes.

Once the sauce is done, place it inside a clear container or glass. The container should be clear so that everyone will see what is inside. When used at home, place it somewhere kids and pets will not be able to reach. It would also be better if you can label the container to serve as a warning for everyone.

To cope with the burning sensation it can cause, you need to have ingredients that can counter hot and spicy food. One of these ingredients would be milk. Drinking this helps flush all the capsaicin from your mouth. There are also some that uses honey and starchy food.

Bhut jolokia sauce makes almost any food more delicious. This goes well with French fries, chicken wings, onion rings, hotdog, and other favorite snacks. It brings the heat to soups and chowders.

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