The Truth About The Ice Cream Diet

Follow us here for a moment, the point behind the Ice Cream Diet is you will lose weight while maintaining the luxury of enjoying your ice cream each and every day. All people, in Western societies, realize all too well that ice cream is not supposed to be mixed with dieting. So what is up with this idea? At first we laughed at this, and then we decided to check it out to see if this is for real, or just another hoax.

The Ice Cream Diet is not low in saturated fats. You can eat cheese, meat and fish while on the Ice Cream Diet. Some “bad” fats have been found to actually be good for you if taken in moderation. Of course, you don’t want to overdo it with any kind of fat, but the Ice Cream Diet is a rather low calorie diet, and if you follow its recommendations you won’t be getting a very large amount of saturated (or any other kind) of fat. While the ice cream diet is not conventional, it may actually be healthier than any other you have tried.

The Ice Cream Diet takes good advantage of something, and its a psychological principle that’s going on. When you restrict yourself from something in particular, there’s an unusual feeling of wanting it even moreso than before. It’s natural for anyone to feel deprived of good foods when they diet, and it happens in most people. People usually put weight back on after dieting because they want those foods they were deprived of during the diet. Just being able to eat a little ice cream each day has a tremendous effect on the person’s mind and feelings. So in the end, the dieter doesn’t have all those difficult emotions, and the tendency to stick with the diet will be much greater.

There are a lot of people who don’t like dairy products, and if they start limiting their caloric intake, then they’re setting themselves up for calcium deficiency as well as other important nutrients. Additionally, the Ice Cream Diet book discusses why you really want to get your calcium from eating good foods rather than becoming dependent on supplements. So what you can accomplish with this diet is meaningful weight loss while ensuring your body receives enough calcium each day.

When you study and understand the Ice Cream Diet approach, it’s clear that the ice cream added to it is more for the catchy name than any other reason. The calorie targets are: Men, no more than 2,000 cals/day; and Women, no more than 1,500 cals/day. Plus, it’s important that you engage frequent and meaningful exercise. You’ll be expected to factor in the ice cream calories in your daily limit. It’s obvious that the “ice cream,” or whatever you substitute is fine as long as you do everything else. So you can see that the ice cream in the Ice Cream Diet is purely for marketing reasons.

The appeal of this diet is the fact that you get to eat Ice Cream everyday. For many who have tried this diet, eating ice cream every day does indeed make it easier to adhere to the otherwise strict rules. We have dicussed the pros and cons of this diet and given them to you so that you can make an informed decision about the Ice Cream Diet.

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