Tips In Making The Gourmet Beef Jerky

Eating delicious gourmet beef jerky is a luxury. People should know how to process the meat strips to make this. When it comes to processing, the person should make sure to pick a lean meat and trim the fat. Cut it into thin strips to marinade it better. Have it salted. Drying it comes next. This is the best way to preserve delicious meat strips.

While there are some people who like commercially processed products, there are those who likes homemade ones. The good thing about the commercial ones is that they last longer upon preservation. However, the flavor of the commercial ones cannot really compare to the flavor of the homemade products.

In order to achieve the best taste when it comes to the homemade products, the person should remember some tips related to the preservation of the said meat. One of the many tips that can be used for this is to observe the moisture-protein content of the meat. The meat should be correctly dried to prevent the growth of bacteria.

There is also a meat cut that is suitable for making this kind of homemade product. For those who are making this, the best meat cut choices are the top round, round eye, and sirloin. The meat should have to obvious fat as well. Cut it into slices suitable for this homemade product. Decide if the cut will be for a wider or thinner strip.

If the person is slicing the said meat, it is a good idea to make use of a very sharp and thin knife. The best way for the person to slice the meat is to do it against the grain. There is a benefit to that, after all. Cutting the meat against its grain will surely make the slice of meat easier to chew when one is finished preserving it.

Marinading the said meat strips comes next. The slices should be soaked in a marinade for half a day or overnight. Put this marinade in the fridge. If the person properly marinades the said slices, the meat should absorb the flavor in the marinade. This means that the meat will be cured easily with the marinade.

There are surely some preparations that the person has to conduct before the meat is dried. Among the many preparations that people has to consider is the heating of the meat. It is highly recommended to heat this meat for a few minutes at 70 degrees Celsius. Also, sprinkle some salt onto the meat to dehydrate it.

After the preparation for the drying process, the person should then proceed on the actual process. It should be a given to use a non-stick cooking spray on the rack used for the drying. It is important to apply this substance on the rack before exposing the prepared meat to heat. This will prevent the meat from sticking to the rack.

It is also a given to think about the storage of the meat. When storing the said meat, it is better to put it inside a plastic bag or plastic container. It should be refrigerated as well. If the gourmet beef jerky is properly processed one should be able to eat it within two months.

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