Use Quality Qualys Security Products

IT infrastructure of all companies forms an integral part of the day to day running of businesses. In this era of e-commerce only a strong IT infrastructure can guarantee success of an organization. Today most transactions are affected over the internet. Potential customers visit online sites and order for goods and services. They pay through credit cards and debit cards and need to divulge their sensitive information to the companies they are dealing with. It is the responsibility of the said company to ensure that their network is secure and that the sensitive information that is divulged to them by the customers is safe in their database. Qualys deals in network security products and you can obtain their on-demand security services to secure your organization’s network from being hacked.

They are a company that was formed by Silicon Valley’s top venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and world class engineers and they are the leading provider of on-demand IT security risk and compliance management solutions. Some of the largest companies of the world use the their service to enhance the security of their network.

Security and compliance suite uses the software-as-a-service model and comes in two editions: the Enterprise edition to be deployed in large, distributed organizations and express edition to be deployed in small and medium sized enterprises. This product Includes Vulnerability Management, Policy Compliance, PCI Compliance, Web Application Security, Malware Detection, Secure Seal And Browser Check.

The range of product offered includes Vulnerability Management, Policy Compliance, PCI Compliance, Web Application Security, Qualys Guard Malware Detection, Secure Seal and Qualys Browser Check.

Qualys offers cloud-based technology to deploy their products to their customer world wide. Being a leader in network security they provide top class service. Moreover their products are quite affordable for the range and quality of services that they offer.

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