What is Beef Jerky

Beef jerky are strips of meat left to dry out in the sun to prevent spoilage. Before they evolved into the chewy snack that we know today, they were considered a product of necessity. Thousands of years ago, Native Americans hunted wild animals for meat, and since there was no refrigeration back then, the meat had to be consumed immediately. This proved to be difficult so they had to find a way to preserve leftover meat. By trimming off the fat, cutting the meat into strips and leaving it to dry for days, the shelf life of the meat is significantly extended. The salt added to the meat prevents bacterial growth, which stops the meat from decaying.

Beef jerky Hasn’t Changed

The original recipe for beef jerky has not changed much over the years, and it is constantly being shared from one person to the next. Salt and sugar are commonly used as flavoring, but herbs and spices are added to the mix. It did not take long for some people to experiment with other ingredients, so dry rubs, olive oil, vinegar, soy sauce, paprika, and other spices are introduced. Beef jerky that can be bought in stores already taste good, but there are still some people who would rather make their own creations using the ingredients and equipment available at home.

Beef Jerky Today

Despite being widely available in supermarkets and convenience stores, there are still people who prefer their beef jerky homemade, using methods that would be appropriate for the equipment they have at home, such as oven, toaster, griller, and microwave. The beef jerky available in stores is made in factories that have controlled procedure so that each beef jerky has consistency in taste and size. With a highly regulated process, the meat is dried out faster because of a built-in drying mechanism that cooks that meat in low heat, thereby expediting the process. This does not only considerably cut the drying time, but it also gives a certain smoky flavor. Beef jerky that are made in factories follow strict requirements so consumers are assured that the dried meat products are clean and fit for consumption. Whether homemade or factory-made, beef jerky remains one of the favorite snacks to eat due to its taste and nutritional value.

Author and writer Fran Chiefly is an absolute lover of  Beefjerkyoriginal an amazing snack food that ticks all the boxes one of her favourites is roadkill beef jerky which is really quiet popular despite its name.

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