Why A Good Feather Plucker Is Essential

If you are in the poultry business, you would have often faced the issue of delivering and producing absolutely featherless birds. In earlier days, manually achieving this feat was accomplished without too much thought. However, in the day and age of technology, this process has been greatly simplified with the advent of feather plucker machines easily available in the market.

Before making your purchase, however, do make sure you have taken a few aspects into consideration. These would be essential to ensure you buy a machine that suits your need perfectly and lasts a long time in a manner free of trouble.

The capacity that you require to produce per day or per week is the first criterion that should be considered. For a business of a small or medium size, a plucker with a capacity of up to ten pounds may work. If you have a slightly larger business, on the other hand, you would want to consider a machine with a capacity of at least fifty pounds.

Other factors to consider while investing in such mechanism is the voltage of the motor, the diameter of the tub, the height of the equipment, the dimensions of the footprint, as well as the overall weight of the entire paraphernalia.

Specifications are important. And so are prices. Once you have narrowed down the former, compare the latter among the manufacturers you have chosen. Then decide the best deal you are getting. You should also consider the warranty offered and the service promised after you have been sold the product.

Once you have purchased the plucker, it is also important to ensure you take care of it properly. Regular servicing and maintenance are essential to ensure it lasts a long time. Cleaning the equipment regularly after use is important. While this may happen initially, when the product is still new, you may want to continue doing so even after the machinery has become old, so that it does not begin to wear out too fast or get rusted and old very swiftly. Its smooth functioning is dependent on how you use and maintain it.

Your purchase would also be dependent on the area of your farm or factory. The size of the machine would also depend on the area that you have. If you own a large farm, then opting for a machine of a huge size may make sense. However, if the area is small in size, pick a piece of equipment that is compact yet capable of meeting your production requirement.

You might also benefiting from not overusing or overloading the gear beyond its capacity. Avoid trying to churn out more than the load that can be handled. This will only cause the machine to wear out faster and will create an impact on its performance in the longer run.

Choose your feather plucker with care and caution. Pay heed to all of the above considerations to ensure you pick the right piece. If you land up being happy with your purchase and business expands well after you buy it, look at buying your next one after a gap of at least half a year. Treat the gear well to make it work well for you.

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