Why Buy Fresh Hydroponic Lettuce In Alaska

For long periods of the year it can be quite difficult to find good quality lettuce in Alaska. Fruits and vegetables have to travel long distances to get to the Alaskan market which can be detrimental. There are therefore a number of reasons to buy fresh hydroponic lettuce in Alaska.

From July to September there are lots of great, tasty local fruits and vegetables available throughout the country. However for the rest of the year it is not possible to cultivate crops such as lettuce. Now there is an alternative to having produce shipped in from other regions, sometimes over large distances.

Hydroponic farming describes a method of growing food in water rather than soil. Natural additives are added to the water so that the plant has the correct nutrients to grow. It was first devised hundreds of years ago but has really become popular in the last fifty years. In Israel for example, the system has been used on a large scale for around forty years and has benefited the local people in a number of ways.

There are no obvious differences between products grown hydroponically. Researchers have tested people on whether they can tell the difference between lettuce grown in the regular way, organic lettuce or hydroponic lettuce. The subjects reported that in terms of taste, texture and appearance all the lettuces were pretty much the same.

This has big implications for Alaska as it means that fresh produce can be grown throughout the year. Producers can cut their transport costs significantly and pass on these savings to customers. Having to transport fruit and vegetables over long distances is expensive and detrimental to the product. It also causes pollution which is unnecessary when those products can be produced to a high standard locally.

Transportation of lettuce can lead to a product with less flavor and bad texture. As soon as it is picked lettuce starts to go off. Modern packaging means that it lasts much longer than it used to but this hides the fact that the nutrients are degrading. Essential vitamins and minerals start to break down when the plant is cut so it is better for health reason to buy local lettuce. Nutrient deficiency has been associated with a variety of health problems and diseases and so local produce is an essential part of a healthy diet.

Hydroponic farming uses fewer chemicals. The systems are basically self-contained and so the crops are exposed to fewer insects and pests and do not need much pest control. Hydroponics also do not need many chemical fertilizers. Most of the fertilizers used in regular farming do not enter the plants themselves but are carried away by the water used for irrigation. This is a major source of pollution in many countries and is causing a number of environmental problems. Whereas in hydroponic systems the plants grow in water augmented with mineral solutions rather than unnatural chemicals.

There are lots of great reasons to buy fresh hydroponic lettuce in Alaska. It has a less negative impact on the environment and is healthier for individuals. Fresh, affordable lettuce is now available year round.

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